NEW to United States of America

Many new Americans are facing the problem of deciding which way to go professionally. Immigration means a big change in your life style and it is a great opportunity to apply yourself in a dynamic and open US job market. You can become anything you want to be.

If you don’t know exactly which way to go or if you do not feel comfortable with the opportunities which you have looked at so far, then think about Software Testing.

At PaxoTech, we have trained newcomers from all over the world – such as countries of former Soviet Union, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, Israel, Peru, Phillipines, Mexico, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Canada, and Nepal.

Many DV Lottery winners from countries are choosing New York as their new home and Paxovision Technology  as their guide to a new life. If you are looking to start a new life in America, we can help in many ways, starting with basic accommodation and building a network of new friends and colleagues.

If you have college degree (not necessarily in IT or any kind of engineering), enjoy intellectual work, and prefer the working environment of an engineering company rather than business, construction, security, or retail – think twice and research the Software Testing career opportunity.

If you have questions, such as whether or not you are good enough to join, whether you have enough computer skills to learn software testing, whether your written and verbal communication skills are good enough to do the job, or if Software QA jobs exist in your area, you should speak to a counselor who can help you to determine if it makes sense. You can research the job market, ask your questions, and share with us your doubts and concerns.

Feel free to call (406 – 233 – 9429) or e-mail ( us if you have any questions.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.